“Liquefy produces some of the cleanest CBD oil that we have ever seen.”

Volker Borneman PhD
CEO of Avazyme Inc.
NC Independent Lab.

“I’m an active 49 year old male who surfs, plays gold, works out and rides my bike weekly. I just recently re-injuried my shoulder surfing and tried 3 different cod topical lotions and by far Liquefy has even me the best results. The fresh citrus fragrance is also very light and clean and doesn’t have that over whelming menthol smell like I noticed with the other brand I tried. My next purchase will definitely be Liquefy. You new customer, Robb.”


“Patient, friendly, knowledgeable staff! If there was a 10 star rating for the product I would give it!!!! Cannot believe what a life saver / life changer Liquefy full spectrum cbd oil turned it to be… Went in for a natural headache remedy, what I got in return was relief from chronic knee pain. Wow! How amazing to exist without pain! There really are not enough words to describe the difference this oil makes in my day to day functionality, it has made such an intense difference in my existence, mood, life. And yes, when you feel this good you want to yell it from the rooftops!”

Pennie K.

“Stumbled into Liquefy my first time in Asheville. After entertaining a ton of our questions and showing us the extraction process, Will casually mentioned that he hadn’t opened for the day yet, this just speaks to the transparency and amazing customer service of Liquefy. I left with a tincture still somewhat convinced that CBD was a placebo effect type phenomenon. I was WRONG, this product specifically has helped my anxiety and headaches more than any other intervention I’ve ever tried. I have since made 2 more orders and continue to be amazed by the product and customer service. Great people making an amazing product- I can’t say enough good things and would be remiss if I didn’t tell anyone and everyone who visits, lives near, or passes through Asheville to stop in to check it out!”

Taylor M.

“I have tried a few different CBD oil brands, including Charlotte’s Web, in order to help my child with anxiety and myself for sleep issues. Nothing we have tried has made a tangible difference. I saw the sign for LIQUEFY pop up next to one of our favorite places to eat and decided to at least check it out. I went in skeptical but the owner was very helpful. He explained how they use organic hemp, do CO2 extraction in small batches and allowed us to sample a few varieties. Within 15 mins I felt the calming effect. I tell everyone I know about this company and their product, because it is just that good. They are proud of their offering as they should be. I encourage you to check them out. They are friendly, helpful and they will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.”

Megan B.

“This is hands-down the best CBD product around. They only use whole flower not all the other low-quality stuff that everyone else sells. The hemp they use is all sourced from CO farmers and the result is the highest-quality CBD you will find. Help support your local businesses and farmers and give these guys a try!”

Kelley S.

“It was suggested by my neurologist that I try CBD oil. Having no idea what it was about, I happened into Liquefy. The owner was so knowledgeable about the product and the process. He explained it in a way that I was able to understand and so helpful. And as if that wasn’t enough, I am seeing positive results from the CBD oil!”

Vanessa E.

“Stopped in the Asheville location and LOVED it!!! Found out they had a shop near Charlotte! The story behind the shops is neat, and the progression towards the future for them seems fun and secure! Their oils are the best I’ve had hands down. Color flavor, consistency. I have had other really great quality ones don’t get me wrong, but overall these guys know what they are doing from start to finish. Prices are extremely fair, with multiple strengths and strains. Stop in, scope it out. Worth the 40 minute cruise for us, once or twice a month!! Thanks guys keep it up!!”

Jordan K.

“If you are looking for a knowledgeable CBD company, this is it. Their oil is locally made is Asheville and is pure. They have the results and client base to prove it. Taste great too! Highly recommend!”

Jennifer K.

“The owner was awesome. He really knows a lot about CBD. My wife loves the CBD oil and uses it daily for aches and pains from arthritis, says it helped her in digestion and also with headaches. I use the vape oil for chronic back issues and arthritis. Definitely a customer for life.”

Chip D.

“Some of the best looking cbd I’ve ever seen. I also have slept better recently dosing their cannabis and sleep like a dream. It’s insane how this stuff actually works, it’s almost instant. Check these guys out for sure. They also do their own extraction and use only quality flower. Thanks liquefy I’ll definitely be back.”

Jacob B.

“Top quality product! These guys take their craft seriously and it shows. By far the best oil I’ve had.”

Chris B.

“Liquefy’s CBD oils are AWESOME! I have chronic back pain and have never liked taking prescription meds — I’ve been using their CBD oil for a week and feeling amazing. Cool bar & great owners!”

Melissa D.

“As an older woman who has been taking Rx meds to sleep, I decided to try to end that dependency that is now known to cause dementia. Yikes! I did it with this Liquefy CBD oil in less than 2 months. A cheaper oil did not work. My doctor is now suggesting it to others with sleep problems and I’m recommending it to friends. IT WORKS!”

Susan A.

“Liquefy is an amazing CBD oil! I’ve been taking this for 2 months (sublingual) , twice daily and found that it helps significantly with soothing achy joints, my digestion and sinus issues (allergies). I’ve tried other CBD oils and feel that Liquefy is perfect for me. Thank you, LIQUEFY for creating this wonderful product. Y’all should definitely check this out!”

Emmy O.

“Liquefy uses the best CBD extraction method with the the most beneficial carrier oil to produce the cleanest product I’ve ever seen. So glad I found this place and will never go anywhere else. Looking forward to LIQUEFY holding some events because the atmosphere is really cool too.”

Jay A.