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30ml (700mg).

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Liquefy full spectrum CBD oil is produced from the highest quality, certified organic flower available, not biomass – a term used for low grade, cheaper cannabis. Each batch of oil produced is strain specific, ensuring the natural essence and characteristics of the flower are evident in the oil. Similar to grapes and wine, each strain of cannabis carries its own aromas and cannabinoid profile. Liquefy CBD oil is a combination of certified organic MCT coconut oil and a strain specific full spectrum hemp extract. All Liquefy products are handcrafted in small batches, produced in our own custom built laboratory by the most knowledgeable and experienced experts in cannabis. Specifically designed to encompass all benefits cannabis has to offer in a strain specific, full spectrum oil. Each strain of cannabis carries its own unique composition of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. After more than a decade of sampling, cultivating, and extracting, Liquefy has the expertise few others can claim to have in cannabis. Liquefy maintains the highest of standards with third party lab testing, careful organic flower selection, as well as maintaining good manufacturing processes.

New IconLiquefy SuperCrude tincture is a proprietary blend of 8 strains of our finest cannabis producing the broadest range of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes possible. Each strain of cannabis carries its own unique profile of cannabinoids, by combining multiple strains Liquefy SuperCrude gives the broadest range of beneficial compounds that extraction can produce. Liquefy SuperCrude contains high concentrations of CBD, CBG, CBC, CBDA, CBGA,Terpenes and Flavanoids for a complete cannabis oil that carries the most beneficial compounds found in one oil.

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