Josh and Will Liquefy is dedicated to producing the highest quality products available, using precise extraction methods and rigorous testing. All Liquefy products are produced inside our custom licensed extraction lab located in Asheville, N.C. Each product comes from hand crafted small batches, complete with a batch number and full panel test results available on our website. Third party Testing includes microbial, mycotoxin, yeast and mold, pesticide and fungicide, CBD and THC, as well as heavy metals. These products include a full array of cannabinoids including legal amounts of THC .3 percent or less.

Full spectrum Supercritical CO2 extraction produces the full array of beneficial cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that hemp has to offer.  While other extraction methods only capture CBD, Liquefy full spectrum CBD extraction allows for a complete array of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids to be extracted from the finest USA certified organic hemp. Liquefy has developed an extraction method specific only to our products, giving each product a signature of excellence that can’t be matched.

Liquefy is founded on numerous business successes inside the legal cannabis industry beginning in 2006 with legalization of medical cannabis, and only six years later pioneered the historic passage of the very first recreational cannabis grow in Eagle County, Colorado. This experience built expertise in cooperation with local and state governmental agencies, working closely to develop appropriate regulatory framework and establish new precedent within the cannabis industry.

Created in this process was the first ever special land use application for a recreational cannabis grow in agricultural designated land. This required a six month land use application process, including public hearings where topics are debated and voted upon. Two building code variances were necessary as well as a 1 million gallon fire suppression pond, required by fire code for proposed greenhouses. Topics such as water rights, land impacts, noise and light pollution, effects on local elk migration, and security were carefully considered and planned around to ensure the eventual passage of the land use proposal.

This was the very beginning of establishing cannabis standards operated under strict state enforcement guidelines. Every plant was tracked by an electronic tag, each gram accounted for in real time, each employee badged by the state, with constant monitored video feed of the premise. These strict guidelines were actually founded and created by the members of the cannabis industry to ensure legitimacy within the program, then enforced by a state run regulatory agency called the MED, or marijuana enforcement division.

Liquefy plants greenhouse Years spent following and establishing these standards with other previous businesses gives Liquefy a basis of knowledge that is absolutely essential to the new and federally legal CBD industry. Liquefy currently operates solely as a federally legal CBD business, with the intent of bringing the same expertise and legitimacy gained pioneering legal cannabis to the new Hemp and CBD industry. It is critical for both business owners as well as consumers to demand regulatory framework as well as transparency in lab testing and standards of practice. Liquefy is an integral part in defining these standards and setting quality precedents that consumers can rely on.

Liquefy has a custom built extraction laboratory and retail store together in Asheville, North Carolina. This is one of the few places in the world you can come participate in the cannabis extraction process during one of our live extraction seminars. During these seminars we cover every step involved with extraction, with a finished product in under an hour for sampling. Liquefy is an innovator and educator in a time where quality information is limited and controversial. Liquefy can provide legitimacy and professionalism to ensure consumers have the highest quality cannabis products available.